Charcuterie £18.95

Traditional cured meats, prosciutto, Salami and chorizo, blush tomatoes, local salad and fresh bread 

Vegetable        £16.95

Spicy fritters, crudities, feta, beetroot, blush tomatoes, 

fresh bread, local salad and homemade dips 

Seafood £19.95

Smoked salmon, peppered mackerel, 

crayfish tails, scampi, potted Cornish crab, homemade dips, fresh bread and local salad 

Baked Camembert £16.25

Blossom honey, chutney, crisp apple, salad and fresh bread 

Baked potato chips £3.75

Hough’s pork pie   £3.50

Local Scotch Egg £3.50

Local Black Pudding Scotch Egg £3.50

Please enquire about desserts 

Please speak to the manager if you have any food 

 allergies or intolerances, thank you.